The Quote

A new car quote in itself is made up of 4 different prices and costs; there is the cost that the dealer paid for the car from the manufacturer which is commonly referred to as the ‘Invoice price’. There is also the MSRP price which stands for the ‘Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price’ which is worth taking into consideration. There is the TMV of the car which is the ‘True Market Value’ of the car which is the average price people are paying for your specific car. Finally there is also the dealer incentives which is worth considering, this price is not as easy to gauge as you cannot know exactly which incentives any dealer is receiving from the manufacturers, there are however lists online of every available incentive for each different model so you can get a good idea of any incentives at play, if not you can just ask the dealer and hope for an honest answer.

Do your research and get some price advice to be sure that you are clued up in areas where you need to be, allowing yourself to make educated and controlled decisions.

Now you know what is involved you need to know how to use these numbers and prices to generate your very own quote. A god way to do it is to find out the invoice price, subtract the dealers incentives to find the actual dealers costs and either add 5% or split the difference between the actual dealers cost and the TMV or MSRP to get your quote.

Using this method will often provide you with a good fair price which you should be willing to pay for your new car. If you can find any online quotes which are cheaper then take them, but having a number of your own is always useful to put it against to know whether or not you’re getting the best quote possible.